Blink Home Security Camera Review

When you are out looking for a wireless security camera, you’ll notice that majority of the models are not completely wire-free. While you can connect these cameras to your wireless network, they at least have one cable for power. Also, if they have a power cord, you will be required to install them close to a power outlet or have the wires dangling in your home or office. Yes, you can conceal the wire neatly, but won’t that require additional investment?

Also, the ones that are wire-free do not use HD cameras and thus, require you to appease yourself with a video feed that it not at par with HD videos.

However, some security camera systems are truly wire-free and feature HD cameras to provide you with crystal-clear video feed with utmost convenience. One excellent example is Blink Home Security Camera System. The camera system is manufactured by Immedia, which launched a Kickstarter campaign in the month of July in 2014. While they had a funding goal of $200,000, they ended up collecting more than $1 million.

When Blink was launched early in 2015, it was one of the handfuls of security cameras that were actually wireless and carried such a reasonable price tag. Fast forward to 2016 and now we do have some great wireless security cameras, like Homeboy and Arlo from Netgear, but most of them are expensive than Blink. There are also cheaper models, like Ezviz Mini, Guardzilla, etc., but these are not as powerful as Blink.

Let us try to know more about the features of this wireless security camera, its installation, features, weaknesses, etc. in this Blink Home Security Camera Review.


FeaturesBlink Home Security Camera System, Wireless, Motion Detection

Powerful HD Camera

The Blink Security Camera System comes with a powerful 720p HD camera. When the lighting conditions are good, it can transmit live video feed at 30 fps, and if the lighting is low, it transmits at 7-fps to use as much of the available light with the help of the illuminator. While the illuminator in the camera will not entirely brighten up to the room so as to allow human eyes to see things clearly, it brightens it enough to allow the camera to transmit clear video feed.

The camera has a field view of 110 degrees and features blue LED on the front which illuminates in the recording mode. As it is a fixed view camera, there is no remote pan, tilt, and zoom feature, but you can pinch the display to zoom the video in live mode as well as recorded mode. It also has motion detection feature which you can adjust to record 1-10 second clip which will be recorded on the servers of the company. Moreover, the camera also features a built-in microphone to allow you to listen to the conversations and other sounds in the premises.

Easy Remote Monitoring

Its Blink for Home app is very easy to use, and you can conveniently watch the live feed, recorded videos, activate/deactivate camera, as well as download the video recordings on your phone. The app also allows you to name the cameras connected to the system, enable/disable motion detection, illuminator, and audio, and also check the status of the camera, its battery, wireless connection, etc. While the app doesn’t allow you to watch multiple cameras feeds at a time, it does enable you to give a picture to every feed and by just tapping on an image, the live feed will begin.

Cloud Storage

The only way you can store the recorded video feed is wit
h the help of company’s cloud servers, which is free service and you don’t have to pay any monthly fees for it. However, the company is working to allow you to record the feed to a USB stick which you can insert into its Sync module. Accessing the recorded videos is pretty simple and can be done from the home screen of the app. The company allows you to store up to 2 hours of videos on their servers, after which the newer video will replace the oldest one. You can also download the recorded videos on your phone.

Truly Wire-Free

The Blink wireless security cameras are powered by 2 x AA lithium-ion batteries. The company suggests that once replaced, the batteries can last up to a year. While the batteries are rechargeable, you cannot recharge them when they are installed in the camera.


The Blink Home Security System will also send an email and push notifications whenever it detects motion and a video link will also be sent along with the notification. Any number of family members can download the mobile app to monitor live feed remotely and get notifications. However, live feed can only be viewed by a single person at a time.

Installing Blink Home Security System

Installing this Blink Home Monitoring System is a simple process and will not require any professional help as no wires are involved. For initial setup, you will be required to have 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi connection which should ideally have a bandwidth of at least 1.5MB/s, Apple phone with iOS version 5 or above, or Android smartphone version 4.4 or above and email address.

To start the setup, simply plug the sync module of the camera, download Blink for Home app, and just follow the instructions on the screen. For best results, make sure that you install the sync module close to the camera. If you want to install the camera on a wall, you can take advantage of the included screws or double-sided tapes.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • No contract or monthly fee
  • Free cloud storage
  • 720p HD camera which records at 30 fps
  • Motion detection
  • Illuminator for night vision
  • Built-in microphone
  • Push and email notifications
  • Mobile app is very useful and easy to use
  • Battery life of up to a year

  • Can only record videos for a total of 2 hours and that too on company’s cloud server; no other storage option
  • No remote pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Some Blink home security system reviews mention that the Android app of this system is buggy
  • No speaker for 2-way audio communication
  • No remote viewing from computer, laptops, or a Blackberry phone
  • Only one person can access live view at a time
  • Cannot view multiple cameras together in live view


So here was the detailed blink home security camera system review. While the Blink Digital Security System already has some very powerful features, it still carries a lot of potential for future improvements. If you are looking for a wire-free HD security camera system to make the monitoring process simpler and more efficient, then this security system can be an excellent choice. You can buy a single camera, or you can also go for the 3 camera kit or the 5 camera kit that is available on Amazon. Lastly, it is recommended that you must use a camera along with smart lock systems for overall protection. Go through the Kisi Reviews to find the best product.

If you’d looking for some information about this security system which is not available in this Blink Home Security Camera Review, feel free to use the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to visit the other pages of our website know more about other amazing security cameras and smart safety devices.

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