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Wireless technologies have been steadily making their presence felt in our lives. Over the last decade, cords and cables have almost disappeared to pave the path for a simpler and advanced world of electronic equipment. Even the modern best wireless security camera system is now wireless to make the installation and operations simpler. While wireless equipment are known for their slow data transfer rates, this is not something to worry about with wireless security cameras as even the best of HD wireless cameras usually do not consume a lot of bandwidth for streaming video feed.

If you are looking to buy the best wireless security camera system with DVR for large areas, like a multi-storey home, building, office, or restaurant, the Amcrest 960H Video Security Camera System can be a great choice. Continue reading this review to know more about this 4-camera wireless security system.


  • True HD: The Amcrest video security camera system comes with four 800TVL weatherproof cameras that feature Ambarella processor and Sony image sensor to provide a resolution of up to 720p at 30fps. The rich imagery and vivid colors offered by these HD cameras eliminate the need to lean in the screen or strain your eyes to catch the smallest of details in the video.
  • 24 IR LEDs: Apart from the high definition videos during the day, enhanced security during the night is just as important. The four cameras included in this wireless security system with DVR feature 24 IR LED lights to provide night vision up to a distance of 65 feet (20 meters).
  • Motion Detection: The motion detection of this security system can be adjusted as per your preferences. For instance, you can set any area of special interest, set time schedule for which the alarm system of the system will be active or inactive, specify the zones on the motion grid that should be active, etc. Moreover, you can also adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor to avoid false alarms that can be caused due to the wind, etc. Also, when the cameras detect motion based on your preferred settings, it will trigger a variety of responses, like start recording footage, switching on the alarm system, or send email alerts.
  • Backward Compatible: The Amcrest Wi-Fi DVR security system is an excellent take on the traditional D1 technology and is also backward compatible with D1. This allows you to upgrade easily to 960H. You only need to replace the DVR system and cameras, and the existing coaxial cables can be used with this system.
  • Remote Access: Apart from the high-quality video feed, it is also very important for a modern security camera to offer remote access. By downloading the Amcrest Link app in your Android or iOS mobile phones, you can view a live feed from the cameras from any part of the world. Moreover, Amcrest also has a web portal if you want to view the video from a desktop PC or a laptop.
  • 4-Channel DVR with Hard Drive of 500GB: The on-screen display of the DVR allows you to view live feed simultaneously from all the four cameras to ensure complete security. Moreover, the hard drive has a storage space of 500GB which can store video feed continuously for six days at maximum resolution. The storage can also be increased up to 3TB. With the help of scheduled recordings, motion detection and by reducing the resolution, you can further increase the system’s ability to record videos continuously without any manual interference.
  • USB Backup: If the inbuilt storage isn’t enough, you can connect a USB drive or an external hard drive to the DVR to create a backup of the recorded feed and free the space in the system to enable it to continue recording. Moreover, Amcrest also offers free cloud storage for 4 hours which you can access through a smartphone or web browser.  Additional cloud storage of 7, 15, and 30 days can also be purchased.
  • IP66 Rated Cameras: The cameras included in this Wi-Fi DVR camera system are built to withstand the outdoor conditions and are IP66 weatherproof rated. The IP66 standard rating confirms that the cameras are dustproof and can withstand high and low temperatures, rain and the wind. Thus no matter what the weather is, this Amcrest security camera system will ensure complete security.
  • Wireless AES WPA2 Encryption: For the complete safety of your wireless Wi-Fi network, the system is secured with wireless AES WPA2 encryption to protect the system from threats, like hacking.


  • Easy Installation and Setup- Installing the cameras and connecting it to your existing Wi-Fi network is simple and quick. Moreover, the cameras also have QR code which can be scanned by an Android or iOS phone for downloading the Amcrest Link app for remote access.
  • Stunning Picture Quality- With resolutions of up to 720p offered by its weatherproof cameras, you’ll be able to view live video feed in TrueHD to eliminate all the guessing game and enjoy complete peace of mind. Moreover, the cameras also have features, like Intelligent Zoom, Email Alerts, Smart Motion Alerts, Advanced Recording Options, and Snapshots for enhanced safety.
  • Multiple Storage Options- Apart from the built-in hard drive of 500GB which can be extended up to 3TB, you can also store the video feed on Amcrest’s cloud server, NAS, on your computer, FTP server or any other Amcrest NVR.
  • Night Vision- With the help of 24 IR LEDs, the cameras offer night vision up to 20 feet to provide you with crystal clear video feed even in darkness.
  • Lifetime Support- This Wi-Fi DVR camera system from Amcrest comes with a standard 1-year warranty from the manufacturer and lifetime support, making it an excellent value-for-money product.


  • Model- AMDV960H4-4B
  • Video- 4 Channel (800TVL)
  • Camera Resolution- 720p
  • DVR Resolution- 960H
  • Signal Transmission Speed- 30fps
  • Night Vision Range- 20 meters
  • Weatherproofing- IP66 Rated
  • Continuous Recording- 6 days (More than 30 days at lower resolution)
  • Hard Disk- 500GB (Extendable to 3TB)
  • Mobile and Web Access- Yes
  • USB Backup- Yes
  • Stunning picture quality throughout the day and night
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Mobile app is easy to use
  • Scheduled recording is very useful
  • Sensitivity of motion can be easily adjusted to avoid false signals
  • Reasonably priced
  • Heavy duty, weatherproof cameras are ideal for indoor and outdoor use

  • Cloud service is expensive
  • Some users have also suggested that the quality of video at night is not very impressive
  • No backup batteries to use the cameras in case of a power outage
  • Mobile app not compatible with Blackberry phones

Amcrest 960H Video Security System vs. Annke 4 Channel Wireless 720p Network Security System vs. Zosi 4pcs 720p Outdoor IP Camera

Let us try to compare the Amcrest 960H video security system with two of the other best wireless security systems with DVR. First, we’ll talk about Amcrest 960H Video Security System and Annke Wireless Network System. While the Annke network system has a few features that are better than the Amcrest 960H, like built-in storage of 1TB, night vision up to 100 feet, etc. many users have complained that the video quality offered by the Annke cameras is not very impressive. Also, the Annke system is more expensive than Amcrest 960H system.

When compared with the Zosi 4pcs 720p Outdoor IP Camera System, Amcrest 960H is cheaper and has a simple installation and setup process. On the other hand, many users have complained that the installation process of the Zosi camera system is very complicated and also the night vision offered by the cameras is not very clear. So guess it’s safe to say that the Amcrest 960 security system is one of the best wireless camera systems with DVR. The system functions flawlessly, carries a reasonable price tag, and has some features to enhance the overall security of your home or office.


The Amcrest 960H Video Security System is undoubtedly one of the best wireless security camera system with DVR. It is loaded with many features that make it an excellent value-for-money commodity. If you are looking for an advanced security system for your home or office, this 960H video security system from Amcrest can be a great choice for enhancing the overall security of your prized possession. Also, if you are looking for additional tools for improving the security, make sure that you go through our list of best Smart Locks and Doorbells as well.

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