Benefits of Wireless Intercoms

The crime rate is rising day by day all around the world. What is needed at these perilous times is a home security system. It can protect you from potential thieves and burglars who may get entry inside your house taking advantage of you being either out of the house or in some other room of the house. The need of the hour is to install a home security system that can serve as your eyes and ears even when you are not able to keep a lookout.

What are wireless intercoms?

Best wireless home intercom system work on the same principle as a wired intercom system, the only difference being that you will not need to drill holes through the wall to get the intercom wiring set up in all parts of the house. That means you can make all parts of your house secured even without laying down a single cable connection anywhere in the house.

Working mechanism of a wireless intercom

A wireless intercom surveillance security is set us by installing two components called panels. One of them is placed on the exterior property of the house so that whenever a guest comes to your house he can ring the bell by pressing the button on the intercom panel installed at the door of your house. An interior panel is also mounted, is called the master control panel. It is from this panel you can find out who is the visitor outside the door.

Both the panels, the exterior panel as well as the interior master control panel are pre-installed with a camera, a microphone, and a speaker. This enables you to communicate with the person standing at your door. The interior master control panel also has a screen through which you can see the person standing on the gate while you decide whether to give him entry inside the house or not.

Whenever the person standing outside the door presses the bell button on the exterior panel of the wireless intercom system, it immediately sends the signal to the master control panel. This then notifies to you about the person standing at the door by either making a distinct sound or a flash of light, which is decided by you. Upon receiving the notification, you can easily see the person standing outside on the screen and decide if you want to give this person entry or not.

Various benefits of having a wireless intercom system installed at your home

  • 24*7 Surveillance: With the increasing crime rate all around the world, the residents are becoming increasing more insecure about the security of themselves and their loved ones. Having a wireless intercom surveillance system installed in your house ensures that even when you are locked inside your house, you can see what is going on the exterior premises. You can even install the CCTV cameras that go along with the wireless intercom systems at your garage or shed in your lawn to keep your own private eye at places that cannot be secured at all times in a more cost effective way than this.
  • Ease of installation: One of the most significant and noteworthy benefits of having a wireless intercom installed at your house is that a wireless intercom emits and receives signals to make communication possible rather than wires. That means you save significantly on costs of getting your entire house wired. Wiring also requires either drilling through the walls which is a very expensive investment or laying cables over the walls, which does not look presentable and can downgrade the look of your walls.
  • Internal units: Another of the list of benefits of installing wireless intercom system is that it comes along with portable internal units that can be used to communicate. This means that you can carry these internal portable units with you anywhere inside the house. So it doesn’t matter if you are working in your kitchen, in your basement, in your garage or inside one of the rooms of your house, you can still answer your doorbell from anywhere you are and control the entry or exit of people in and out of your house at all times.
  • No interruption: It is a common misconception that the signals that a wireless intercom emits might interrupt with cell phone signals that can seriously affect your communication clarity over mobile phones or interrupt your television transmission. This though is not a reality as a wireless intercom system messages that are particular to its own wavelength and frequency and will never encroach upon your telecommunication services or the television networks.
  • Multiple Unit Installation: Wireless intercoms support multiple unit installations. This means that you can attach separate master control panels at various locations in your house itself which will help you to stay in touch with every activity going on inside every room and all corners at your home. This is particularly helpful if you have installed wireless intercom for elderly people, small baby or young kid at your house who needs your constant attention. With multiple units installed in all rooms, you can hear whatever is going on inside each room with your internal unit, and it even allows you to talk to anyone in any room from wherever you are. So you can keep your naughty kid under control and hence keep him safe from any potential hazard that he might be subjecting him into.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Keep an eye everywhere
  • Stay in touch with activities going on inside every room
  • No wiring required
  • See the visitor before opening the door
  • Answering your door from wherever you are
  • Enhanced house security

  • There might be certain black spots inside your home where the wireless signals might not reach making communication weak.
  • Wireless intercoms work on batteries and thus if the batteries get discharged, the surveillance can be compromised.

Best wireless intercoms available in the market

  • Ring WIFI: Ring WiFi doorbell doorbel is a wireless WIFI home intercom. As the name already indicates Ring WIFI is always connected to the internet and also to devices such as your smartphone or laptop. A great advantage that a WIFI intercom provides over other wireless intercom systems is that you can access the central control panel from wherever you are, through your smartphone. So now, even if you are working in your office, you can see what is going on inside your house anytime you want, you are one touch away from reaching your home, no matter wherever you are. This has propelled home intercom services to a whole new dimension. The second advantage of having Ring WIFI installed at your house is that it has a motion sensor. So if there is an unwanted entry in your house behind your back, you will be notified wherever you are.
  • SkyBell: SkyBell is another WIFI intercom surveillance system that is gaining popularity day by day among the residents because of the various advantages it holds over a regular wireless intercoms for home as it lets you operate the control panel of the intercom through applications in your smartphone. You can also access the video feed using App in your smartphone that makes this device particularly popular among the residents. The device is loaded with motion sensors and also comes in with a lifetime protection warranty. It is a great buy for those who prefer the peace of mind over any other factor in life.
  • Sado Tech Model C: These are wireless intercom for homes and are particularly popular among users as it works in a range of 500 foot, which is enough for it to cover all portions of the house. It can be installed with various internal attachments that can be useful in keeping surveillance in all corners of the home. Its trendy design and light weight attachments give comfort in carrying the attachment anywhere you like. It’s also cost-effective which makes the offer delightful.
  • Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime: This is a wireless desk intercom that has earned very favorable reputation in the market and among users since the day it was first launched in the market. The intercom works on batteries and has three push buttons on the control panel to control various options. The intercom has a 250-foot range that is enough to work for any home unless you don’t own a massive estate.


There are various benefits of having a wireless intercom installed at your premises and two few reasons for not having one. There might be some occasion when the wireless intercom might not work according to expectations, but those instants are fairly less and benefits of having a wireless intercom at home overshadows all the potential disadvantages. Also the fact that these wireless phone intercoms come in at a relatively lesser price and are available in all price ranges so that everyone can afford a model of their choice. More expensive ones such as WIFI intercoms have additional functions with them making them expensive, but it is important to note that having a wireless intercom installed in your house is no more a luxury as the crime rates are only ever increasing. Thus in order to have peace of mind and security for yourself and your loved ones, it is more than essential for you to get the wireless intercom installed at your home.

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