Benefits of Video Doorbell

In the present times, with the rise in population and level of disposable income, the level of crimes is also on the rise. In such a situation, protection for family members is a significant concern. One needs to protect his / her house from possible incidents of burglary and other kinds of theft. Therefore, your house needs a security system, which can take care of the security features required for your house.

These are the scenarios, where benefits of video doorbell come into the picture. This security product is a combination of video and audio components, and it is entirely based on wireless technology. It can be used both in the residential areas, as well as commercial areas. By virtue of this device, you can see the visitor on the other side of the door, and can even communicate with them without even opening the door. And you should definitely check video doorbell reviews before making the choice.


See what’s on the other side

Security of a premise can be compromised if someone opens the door without knowing what is there on the other side. If you can see who is there on the other side, then you can decide whether to open the door or not. Video doorbell allows you to do so. Through this device, you can easily see the person, who is standing outside. If it is a stranger, then you can have a conversation with him / her. In this way, the security of your house will never be compromised.

Darkness doesn’t matter

Of course, it is a problem for an individual to visualize anything or anyone in the darkness. Anybody can take the advantage of this kind of situation, and perform the criminal acts, like burglary. Now, when the video doorbell is in place, you will never have to encounter such a situation. This device is powered by a camera, which is run infrared technology. One of the major advantages of this particular technology is that this will allow you to look at the unknown objects or people quite clearly, even in the darkness of night.

Relax and monitor

If there is a knock at your door, it is quite obvious that you have to move to the gate to see who is on the other side. It is possible that you might be engaged in some serious activity, which you do not want to be interrupted, like talking over your phone, or watching an interview on the television. One of the major video doorbell benefits is that you will not need to leave your seat and go to the door to check out. You can easily do that by sitting on the same place, and by just pressing the monitoring key, you can check who is outside, and unlock the door.

Easy to install and use

When people talk about security devices, it is most often assumed that the device will be highly complicated, and it can never be installed by any non-technical person. However, this device acts in contrary to that belief. This device is made on the DIY (do it yourself) principle, and that’s why it is extremely easy to install. You will literally require no technician to install this device at your home. The components are very less and the installation procedure is pretty simple in nature. The installation procedure has been detailed in the back of the cover, and the manual is enough for a non-technical individual to comprehend and carry out accordingly.

Do not worry about the climate

It may be possible that your place of domicile is very cold, or very hot. In most of the cases, it can prove to be extremely harsh for electronic goods to survive in those kinds of extreme climatic condition. One of the major video doorbell benefits is that it can survive in extreme weather conditions. It can survive in the temperatures as low as below minus fifteen degrees and as high as above fifty degrees.

Go smart

The smartphone has turned out to be a part and parcel of everyone’s daily life, and people tend to accomplish their daily needs by virtue of the Smartphone applications. Video doorbell has the facility to be controlled by the Smartphone applications. At the same time, it is also enabled with a live recording facility, which is controlled by cloud storage specifications. Therefore, at any point of time, you can check the status of your perimeter even few days back.


  • The LCD monitor is of seven inches and high definition (480 x 240 pixels).
  • It is made up of aluminum alloy.
  • The doorbell has sixteen types of melodies.
  • The intercom handset is wireless, and the range is high.
  • The total number of units of this device three, i.e. two outdoor and single indoor units.
  • It consumes only fifteen volts of power.
  • The outdoor camera is infrared-based night vision enabled.
  • This product can help you to see in the darkness.
  • It can be controlled remotely.
  • It is adaptable to the huge temperature differentials.
  • The installation manual is quite easy to comprehend, and therefore, anyone can just read it, and install and use the products.
  • The customer service support of this device is very supportive while responding to the queries.
  • Big screen size makes it easier to see the outer view quite comfortably.

  • The volume of sound in the outdoor panel is frail sometimes, and it is not adjustable, at all.
  • The number and length of the cables provided by them may not be sufficient for each and every house.
  • The outdoor panel can sometimes give the problem of some feedback noise.


If you have to get hold of the latest security device for protecting your premises and that too with a pinch of utter relaxation, then video doorbell is your choice. Moreover, the price of the product is very competitive, and therefore, you will never encounter any kind of tradeoff situation. Even looking into the apparent flaws, Video Doorbell benefits cannot be overlooked. As long as the essential critical security features are not compromised and are served at their best, some flaw can easily be ignored.

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