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Sometimes, homeowners struggle in finding the right doorbell for their homes. People often avoid installation nightmares – that reason they prefer wireless doorbells to wired ones. Wireless doorbells are essentially heaven-sent to many homeowners; these doorbells have the convenience and portability to be installed and carried anywhere. Top rated wireless doorbells come from AVANTEK, a Santa Clara, CA-based company. AVANTEK doorbell install in a matter of minutes, without having to deal with a lot of wiring and other complex devices.

A closer look at the AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell

AVANTEK Inc. is a Hewlett-Packard subsidiary that manufactures various wireless components and conductors. AVANTEK comprises a team of passionate young people who aspire to deliver and present products that bring more security, technology, and convenience. AVANTEK products are specially designed to cater to consumer demands of more innovation, quality, and affordability, backed by value-added services.

AVANTEK introduces wireless doorbell kits that will match any consumer’s preference. These doorbell kits contain push buttons and receivers, long wireless working range, chime tones, screws and double-sided adhesive tapes for installation, batteries, and instruction manuals.

AVANTEK wireless doorbell systems can be easily set up; all you need is to plug in the receiver into any power outlet, mount the doorbell at any entryway of your house, and you’re all set. The ease of installation from these doorbells makes them great options for people living in leased homes that come with no doorbells or wired bells that they don’t like. For an affordable price, consumers can now benefit from a quality wireless doorbell, thanks to AVANTEK. The affordability of these wireless bells makes them an ideal choice for backdoor or garden bells.

AVANTEK’s portable wireless doorbells can be transported to an area if you need to hear the bell ring easily. These wireless doorbells come in handy if you’re spending tons of time at the basement or in an upstairs room, far from the main entryway. You can simply plug in the receiver wherever you are, and your guests won’t have to leave because you have not responded.

AVANTEK Doorbell Kits

We have reviewed AVANTEK’s DT22, where we listed some pros and cons as well. Available DT22 wireless doorbell kits come with one push button and one door chime, one push button, and two door chimes, and two push buttons and one door chime.

Take a look at some of AVANTEK’s other wireless doorbell kit offerings:


AVANTEK DT32 on AmazonThe Avantek dt32 wireless doorbell kit is a portable AC-powered chime that shows off a clean, smooth, contemporary design. The kit includes one push button, one door chime, two screws and one double-sided adhesive tape for easy installation, one A23 transmitter battery, and a handy avantek doorbell instructions manual. Whatever room or area you’re in, you’ll be notified by the flashing blue LED indicator that someone is at your doorstep. Check out related reviews on DT32 for other helpful info about the product.

  • Easy to install
  • Sleek, compact design
  • 650 ft. working range (200 meters)
  • Four adjustable sound volume levels of up to 25-85 dB
  • 48 chime melodies
  • Specially designed coding system to avoid any interference from other wireless products
  • Slash-proof IP44 rated push button
  • Blue LED visual indicator
  • FCC, CE, and RoHS certified

  • No scroll buttons for volume or melody options
  • Notes play too fast

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AVANTEK DT41 on Amazon

The Avantek dt41 is a portable wireless doorbell that includes a touch button-operated transmitter, one plug-in door chime, a long wireless working range, screws and double-sided adhesive stickers, and adjustable sound volume levels. There’s also a silent mode option for your comfort and convenience. For other features and details, you can also take a look at Amazon’s consumer reviews about DT41.

  • Easy to install
  • Smooth and sleek design
  • 36 chime tones
  • 1000 ft. working range (300 meters)
  • Three adjustable sound volume levels
  • Door chime plugs into any standard power outlet
  • Transmitter attaches to a wall using screws and double-sided adhesive tapes
  • Touch button operation

  • Range may be cut shorter if there’s an obstacle between the transmitter and the receiver
  • Chime melodies can be dragging

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AVANTEK makes it easy for consumers to make their home feel completely secure and safe because of the useful wireless doorbell features they incorporate. Since no wiring is required, AVANTEK’s whole process of installation is quick and hassle free. AVANTEK wireless doorbells enable anyone to perform this project on their own without being aided by a professional, which is also economically convenient.

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