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Netgear is a big name in the network appliances and security industry, and it is actually a surprise how they delve into the smart home industry with their Arlo product line. Nevertheless, both the Arlo Q and Arlo Pro gained massive successes, immediately catapulting Netgear as one of the most regarded manufacturers in the smart home industry.

The Arlo Pro is relatively new, introduced in late 2016/early 2017, while the Arlo Q has been in store for a while since early 2016. Our discussion today will focus on the Arlo Q, while we will tackle the Arlo Pro in a separate article.

If you have read our review of the Ring Stick Up Cam, you will notice that a lot of the features of the Netgear Arlo Q is strikingly similar. It features a built-in battery with a power adapter, which is similar to the Ring Stick Up Cam and is certainly one of its key highlights. It does feature a better 1080p camera, compared to Stick Up Cam’s meager 720p, and better field of vision at 130-degrees versus Stick Up Cam’s 80-degrees. However, the Arlo Q is intended for an indoor-use only, so it will certainly limit its application. If you are looking for an outdoor camera, the Arlo Pro is for you, although it only features a 720p camera.

Both the Arlo Q and Arlo Pro feature nice motion and sound sensors, which worked really well during our tests. Performance wise, it is decent in every aspect with its HD video, two-way audio communication, and night vision. So simply put: it is a safe choice with a nice built-in battery, which will add flexibility in positioning.

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The downside? The built-in battery will only last roughly 2-months, and it only features a limited third-party integration with IFTTT protocol and Samsung SmartThings.

Let us begin our Arlo Q Wireless Camera review by discussing its key features.

Key FeaturesNetgear Arlo VMC3040 Q-1080P HD Wired Security Camera with Audio and Cloud Storage

1080p HD Video

With its price tag, which is similar to the Ring Stick Up Camera, the full HD 1080p video camera is a nice feature, as most of its competition only features 720p resolution or lower. The 130-degree field of vision is also excellent, above the average of the industry standard of 110-degree.

Excellent Indoor Camera

The one thing to keep in mind is that the Arlo Q is a strictly indoor camera, and it is excellent in doing that job. It is comparable to say, the Logitech Circle, which is also an indoor camera. If you are looking for outdoor usage, the Arlo Pro is a better alternative.

Motion and Sound Detector

Having both motion and sound detector is a rare thing among its competitor, as most use only motion detectors. The sound sensor works particularly nice and can act as an extra security measure for the camera.


The key highlight of this product is the simplicity and ease of use. Technology-wise, it is very similar to other similar products with its price range, but it is very easy to install. Being intended for an indoor usage, it has a nice magnetic base, and can easily attach to any magnetic-friendly surface, eliminating the needs to drill or screw.

The Smartphone App

The Arlo app is also very easy to use with rich features, which in our opinion is comparable to other apps such as Ring’s or Nest’s. The step by step instruction provided within is very straightforward, which will also add to its key benefit: simplicity.

Our Review

As we opened the packaging, what we saw is fairly simple, the Arlo Q itself, the charging cable, and a quick instruction booklet. As we have mentioned, the highlight in quality for the Arlo Q is simplicity, but by all means, not a sacrifice in quality.

The Arlo Q camera itself is designed with a fairly simple and minimalist approach, available only in white. It is larger yet lighter than other similar products like say, the Ring Stick Up Cam or Nest Cam, and it feels less durable (a common issue with lighter products), but after several tests, it is actually very durable.

The magnetic base is very nice, as it can easily attach even in a horizontal position, it certainly simplifies the installation process, as you won’t need to drill or screw anything. Being an indoor camera, the wiring issue will not be as complicated as for outdoor usage, but still, having the extra option of a built-in battery power is nice.

Performance wise, it is nothing revolutionary but works very decent in all aspect. The 1080p video is really nice, and the motion and sound sensors work very well as we play around with the motion zone settings in our app. It will only detect motion in the intended motion zone, so it is very reliable. The sound sensor, however, can be annoying if say, you have a baby or a pet inside the house (being an indoor camera), as it can trigger the push notification for nothing. However, it works very well, and can certainly add more security to your household.

The night vision is decent, comparable to that of the Ring Stick Up Camera, although the Nest Cam performed better in this category. Overall, it is very comparable (in almost every aspect) to the Logitech Circle, which is also an indoor camera.

The key advantage over the Logitech Circle is its IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings integration. Although the third-party integration option is fairly limited compared to say, Ring’s, Samsung SmartThings is a fairly nice smart home system.

Pros and Cons

There is no review without a Pros and Cons section, so here is our take on our Arlo Pro review.

  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Built-in battery and power adapter
  • 1080p HD video
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Arlo Smartphone app
  • Free cloud storage service equals to 7-days worth of footage, can be upgraded with 30-days or 60-days worth of event footage for $10 or $15

  • Only 2-months of battery time
  • Indoor usage only
  • Limited third party integration

You Should Get This If

If you already used the Samsung SmartThings system, this is one of the very few products (aside from Samsung’s own) that can integrate with the system. The IFTTT protocol will also open new doors for integration if you are willing to tweak and code for a bit.

It is a very nice indoor one of the best wireless security camera and is among the best from a very limited selection for indoor-only usage. If you are looking for an indoor camera, this is the one to boot.

Bottom Line

Let’s close our Netgear Arlo Q review with a verdict:

The Arlo Q is fairly decent in all aspects, a safe choice for indoor security usage. It provides nothing revolutionary, yet it is very simple to use and works really well. If you are looking for an indoor camera with a very nice full HD video, and a nice sound detection feature, this one is for you.

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