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In this era, there won’t be a single thing that the machines cannot do. Moreover, the humans are relying so much on the gadgets that it has become nearly impossible for them to put in efforts in work and complete it without the help of a device. Do you want to book pizza from the dominos? Do you want to order an Ola cab? Do you want to control your house on your fingertips? What is impossible today? Nothing. But, to conduct different sorts of activities, you might have to use different kinds of gadgets, isn’t it? But, what if a single device can do all of your work? Yes, you read it right. Here is the super cool Amazon Echo Dot gadget for you. Have a look at the Amazon Echo Dot Review.

The echo dot is a small device that has an inbuilt speaker, which is hands-free and can be easily controlled with your voice. If you want, then connect it with your speakers and listen to the music at a loud volume. This device is not limited to only music, but you can also read news, know about weather, listen to the scores, etc. The compactable device is sleek so that it can fit in any corner. The best thing about this device is that it has reduced the usage of innumerable different gadgets to complete the various works. Have a look at the home automation systems reviews.

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Read the Amazon tap review, and you will get to know that the echo dot is entirely different from that. Every gadget has its worth and its stance in the world of technology. One gadget will ease out only one problem of yours, but when it comes to being the solution to every problem, then echo dot is the trustworthy gadget.

Compact Size

The compact size of this device makes it easier for you to handle, maintain, and place it. You neither have to remove the other things from your house to make the place for this device, nor you have to create another shelf. You can place it in any corner of the house you want.


The first that you think about before purchasing any gadget is its warranty period. And, with this gadget, you are getting the warranty of almost two years. Hence, if you come across any hassle with this gadget within the two years of purchasing, then you can easily get it replaced.

One Command

If nobody else listens to your orders and commands then don’t worry, this device will not only hear you but will also follow you. If you wish to order a pizza, then you would have to use the word ‘Alexa.’ For instance, ‘Alexa, order a pizza; Alexa, book a cab, etc.’ You just start your order with the word ‘Alexa’ and this device will do the work for you.


Talking about the
features of this device, then surely it is nothing less than any other intriguing gadget. This one small thing will help and amaze you with its incredible features. And, if you are going to make the comparison of echo vs tap, then you will find out that this device has far new and helpful features than the tap.


The aspect that makes this device easy to use is that it is entirely hands- free. You wouldn’t have to pick it up again and again for commanding your orders. Even if you are sitting in another room, you can still place the order quickly. Moreover, this device has the capability to hear you even if the music is playing in the loud volume.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you are a music lover and love to hear music at the full and loud volume, then you can connect this device with your speakers. There are two options to connect this device, via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm stereo cable. You can play music from Amazon Music, TuneIn, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Pandora.

House Control

If you have a lazy bone and are a procrastinator, then this device would be perfect for you. It has the tendency to control your house. Or, you can control your home with this device. You can easily manage lights, sprinklers, switches, garage doors, fans, thermostats, and many other things. The brands that you can connect with this gadget are WeMo, Ecobee, Philips Hue, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, etc.

Ordering Stuff

If you are craving to eat pizza from the Dominos but are unable to order it due to poor internet connection, low mobile network, or for any other reasons, then this device will help you order your favorite pizza from the Dominos. Not just the pizza, but you can also easily order an Ola cab with this device. Also, there are much more things to explore with this incredible machine.


Another amazing feature of this device is that it provides you the information of the local places. Whether you are looking for a superb restaurant, shopping mall, hospital, etc., you would just have to speak out your command, and your work will be done in few minutes.


Whether you want the information regarding the latest sports score or the weather of your area, the Echo Dot is there to help you be updated with every single thing. You can also hear news on this device. What else do you need?

  • If comparing echo dot vs echo, then the former is less heavy than the latter.
  • There are mute and action buttons on the device.
  • You can easily connect it via Bluetooth.
  • There is voice activation support.
  • You can also play music via external speakers.

  • There aren’t any speakers for built-in audio playback.
  • This device is not portable.

Why should you buy this?

While there are other variants of this device as well, but every device is different from one another regarding the hardware and the features. Now, you are very well aware of the features, pros, and cons of this device. But, what are the things that you cannot neglect while making your decision? If you will differentiate the Amazon tap vs echo, then you would be able to assimilate the difference. Read ahead and the reasons for buying the Echo dot:

  • It is short in size.
  • It features dual- band (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz).
  • It supports the 802.11a/b/g/n standard.
  • The connectivity with external music system is easy.
  • The Alexa feature is interesting.


To sum up everything, the Amazon Echo dot is for all the tech- savvy people who are looking to command the machine. The Alexa feature is there to listen to you and act as per your voice. This device will be one perfect choice for all the music lovers as well. You can easily play the music without any interruption. The only drawback to this device can be that you cannot take it with you because it would need connectivity while playing which the other variants wouldn’t need, if you read the comparison of echo vs. echo dot or the other one.

But, it surely has the high-quality speakers. In the end, the Amazon Echo Dot Review has covered all the aspects. Now, the decision is up to you. Whatever you are going to choose, choose the best so that you wouldn’t have to regret investing your money on the gadget.

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