8 Camera Security Systems

There is no denying the fact that just the presence of a security camera does an excellent job of deterring burglars. Even when the surveillance cameras are unable to do so, the video footage that they record can be used to identify and catch the culprits. But a standard security system with one or two cameras is inadequate to monitor larger areas, like multi-storey homes, buildings, large offices, factories, restaurants, etc.

For such large spaces, an 8 camera security system can be an excellent choice. These advanced surveillance systems, along with HD security cameras, come with many features like built-in storage, night vision, live streaming on mobile and laptops, and a lot more to provide you with enhanced monitoring abilities.

But if you are looking to buy an 8 camera security system for the first time, the vast number of options available in the market can be confusing, and you can end up making a wrong decision. To ensure that you choose the best, we’ve created a list of Top 8 Camera Security Systems, along with their features, pros, cons, and our favorite pick at the end of the post.

Top Rated 8 Camera Security Systems

Amcrest 960H 8CH 1TB Security System Eight 800+ TVL IP66 Bullet and Dome Cameras

To provide users with stunning HD videos of 800 TV lines at 30 frames per second, Amcrest has launched this impressive 960H 8CH 1TB Security System. The dome and bullet cameras included with this system feature 3.6mm lens and have a viewing angle of 75 degrees to make sure that you can monitor every corner of your property with utmost convenience.

The cameras also feature 24 IR LEDs for night vision up to 20 meters. The cameras can automatically activate night vision when low lighting conditions are detected. Moreover, you can combine night vision with features, like Scheduled Recording and Motion Detection for enhanced security. However, if you want to see more than 20 meters, you may like to check the Lorex 8 camera security system. Lorex 8 Camera system provides night vision up to 40 meters.

You can view the live feed in widescreen mode or can record footage on its hard drive for viewing later. The hard-drive comes with a 1TB memory which can record six days of continuous footage and can also be extended up to 3TB. By reducing the resolution of the feed being recording on the hard disk, you can further increase the number of days for which the system can continuously record the video feed. Remote viewing through Android or iOS is possible through the Amcrest Link app. Moreover, if you want to watch the live feed on a desktop PC or a laptop, you can do so by visiting Amcrest’s online portal. And if you want to make it into an 8 channel wireless security camera system, all you need to do is buy a Wi-Fi Bridge, and you are good to go. A simple Wi-Fi Router can transform it into  8 camera wireless security system.

The housing of the cameras is made from premium-quality metal and is IP66 rated, making them an excellent choice for outdoor installation. The system comes with a standard 1-year warranty and lifetime support. While this 8 camera CCTV system has hundreds of positive reviews, many users have mentioned the customer service offered by Amcrest is not good and the manual included with the system is difficult to understand as it covers multiple Amcrest security systems.


  • Includes 8 HD 800 TVL Cameras
  • Night Vision up to 20 meters through IR LEDs
  • Motion Detection
  • Remove Viewing from Android and iOS Mobile Phones
  • Web Portal for Remote Viewing from Desktop PCs and Laptops
  • Built-in 1TB Hard Drive (Expandable up to 3TB)
  • IP66 Rated
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty
  • Installation is easy
  • Picture quality is fabulous during the day and night as well
  • Mobile app is easy to use
  • Can record videos continuously for six days in HD
  • Housing is durable and ideal for outdoor installation

  • Manual is difficult to understand
  • Amcrest customer support is not good

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Zmodo 8-Channel DVR Security System KHI8-YARUZ8ZN-1T with 1TB HD and 8 700TVL IR Cameras

If you are looking for an advanced security system for your home or office, the KHI8-YARUZ8ZN-1T 8-Channel H.264 960H DVR Security System from Zmodo can be a perfect pick for every application. The security system includes eight 700TVL security cameras that feature advanced ¼” CMOS color image sensor with a field view of 78 degrees to provide you with excellent picture quality.  Zmodo 8-Channel DVR Security System


The cameras feature IR LEDs for night vision up to a distance of 80 feet. The DVR included in the system features a 1TB hard drive (SATA) which allows you to record live feed in maximum HD resolution for 2 weeks continuously. Moreover, you also have the freedom to enable the cameras only to start recording at a certain time. You can also use its motion detection feature to start recording only once the motion is detected and save on the hard drive. You can also attach a USB flash drive or an external hard drive to the DVR to create a backup of the recorded footage.

The weatherproof cameras are incredibly easy to install and don’t require any technical or electrical knowledge. Once the DVR is connected to the monitor and the cameras, you can connect it to Wi-Fi network for remote viewing through Android and iOS mobile phones with the help of the ZSight app. You will be required to register yourself when you log into the app for the first time. Zmodo also has a web portal if you want to watch the live feed from a laptop or a desktop PC.

This Zmodo 8 camera security system comes with a 2-year standard warranty with lifetime support. While this system too has some great reviews on Amazon, just like the above mentioned Amcrest camera security system, many buyers have pointed that the manual included with this Zmodo system is not too helpful.


  • 8 700TVL Cameras
  • ¼” CMOS Color Image Sensor
  • IR LEDs for good Night Vision up to 80 feet
  • 1TB SATA Hard Drive
  • ZSight App for Remote Viewing from Android and iOS Mobiles
  • Web Portal for Remote Viewing from PC or Laptop
  • 2-Year Standard Warranty
  • Great picture quality throughout the day and night
  • 1TB hard drive can record video feed for up to 2 weeks continuously
  • Mobile setup is quick
  • Web portal is easy to use
  • Weatherproof cameras

  • No step-by-step installation instructions in manual

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Annke 8CH AHD 720P DVR with 1.3MP 4 Bullet + 4 Dome CCTV Cameras

If an affordable 8 camera security system is what you want to buy, this Annke 8CH AHD 720P DVR can be a great choice. The 1.3MP cameras included with the system offer resolutions of up to 1280 x 720p to ensure that you can keep a keen eye on the surroundings. The advanced DVR that comes with the system can be used as a DVR, NVR or HVR for enhanced convenience and offers HD videos in every mode. It also has a SATA port which can be connected with a hard disk of up to 4TB.  Annke 8CH AHD 720P DVR with 1.3MP 4 Bullet + 4 Dome CCTV Cameras


The cameras feature 36 IR LEDs for night vision up to 30 meters, which is larger than some of the high-end 8 camera security systems. Users can easily scan the QR code available on the DVR with the help of an Android or iOS phone to download its mobile application for seamless streaming of live feed. There is also a web-portal for live remote streaming on a laptop of desktop PC.

Multiple modes for recording videos, email alerts, advanced motion detection and automatic night vision are some of the features that make this Annke 8CH AHD 720P DVR system an affordable and efficient pick for any home or office. Moreover, the housing of the cameras is IP66 rated, making them ideal for outdoor installation. While this 8 camera security system is widely appreciated for its reasonable price tag, many users have mentioned that its mobile applications and night vision are not very impressive.


  • 1.3MP Cameras offer Resolution of 1280 x 720p
  • 3-in-1 DVR
  • 36 IR LEDs for Night Vision up to 30 meters
  • QR Code for Downloading Mobile Application
  • Web Portal for Remote Access on PCs and Laptops
  • Email Alerts
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Reasonably priced
  • Installation is easy
  • DVR can be used as an NVR or HVR
  • DVR can be connected to HDMI monitor
  • VGA connections available

  • Night vision is not clear
  • Mobile app is not very functional


Best 8 Camera Security System

From the options mentioned above, our favourite is the Amcrest 960H 8CH 1TB Security System. Not only the system is reasonably priced, but it also has all the features that would expect from an advanced 8 camera security system. It has eight HD cameras that offer a resolution of up to 800 TVL at 30 fps to offer stunning videos throughout the day. It also has 24 IR LEDs to ensure complete security during the night as well. 1TB built-in hard drive, motion detection, remote viewing, web portal and IP66 rated housing are some of the other reasons that make this camera security system a perfect pick for every large home or office.


Cheapest 8 Camera Security System

The Annke 8CH AHD 720P DVR is the cheapest 8 camera security system on this list. While the system is reasonably priced, it comes with a host of useful features, like 1.3MP cameras, 3-in-1 DVR, night vision with a log range of up to 30 meters, remote viewing, motion detection and a lot more. So, if you are looking for an 8 camera security system and have a limited budget, this Annke 8CH AHD 720P DVR is worth consideration.



We hope that you were able to find an 8 camera security system that is perfect for your needs in your Top 8 Camera Security Systems list. In the case of any queries about the models mentioned above, use the comments section available below to get in touch with us and we will try to resolve your query as soon as possible. Also, if you are looking for other security tools, like Smart Locks or Video Doorbells, don’t forget to visit other pages of our website.

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