3 Keyless Entry Home Systems

Gone are the days when you have to fumble around for your keys to get inside your home. In this day and age, modern home automation has introduced smarter ways on how to unlock or lock your front door without using any keys. Yes, there are keyless door locks or home entry systems that you can avail from several home automation providers. Going keyless means you can use everything just from a single tap on your smartphone. Keyless home entry systems give you complete control over who will be accessing or has been denied access to your dwelling. Here, we discuss the 3 best keyless door locks kits and how they are revolutionizing the future of door locks.

How Does a Keyless Entry Home System Work?

Keyless home entry systems are no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity. Getting an access control system is a responsible move that secures the home or office that you have. These keyless systems are designed to create a worry-free environment for the homeowner. The swiftly growing number of keyless users is because of the keyless entry system puts homeowners back in control.Keyless door locks are “smart” wireless systems that present a wide range of innovative security features for granting and restricting people access to entering or exiting your location.

Being keyless also means you now have the ability to control entry off-site. If you’re not familiar about how this automated process works, it’s advisable to call a professional who specializes in keyless lock systems, and not just the nearest locksmith.

With keyless locks, you can control these devices from virtually anywhere. Each model comes with an app that’s compatible with either an iPhone or an Android device. Plus, you can establish different entry codes for people who you want to grant access to your home.  Family members, friends, and trusted service persons can have their set of codes to lock and unlock your door, and then once they leave, their codes are deleted.

Furthermore, keyless locks can be linked to the main control system in your home so it can notify you through text when someone’s using it. For instance, if your child comes home from school, or the pizza delivery guy is approaching your door, you’ll be alerted that they have entered your house.

Indeed, these keyless home door locks make your life easier and convenient; they are readily available in the market and online. You can check out websites of various manufacturers to view prices and models, and order them through the Internet. Keyless systems are multi-purpose and adaptable. They can deliver that added security measure to family residences, office and government buildings, vacation homes, and rental properties, cabins, schools, universities, factories, military facilities, retail enterprises, and more.

For an added level of security, keyless home entry systems can be integrated with alarm systems and surveillance cameras. When your lock is opened, the alarm system will go off, take a video of the situation, and promptly sends it to your smartphone so you can check who just came in.


Best Keyless Entry Systems for Homes

If you’re thinking of purchasing a keyless home entry kit, you may be impressed with the various security options it features. Keyless smart locks use state-of-the-art technology; just think deadbolt security embedded with circuitous computer programming. If you buy directly from a home security company, you may be charged with installation fees. There will be no additional costs for monitoring after initial installation, though. Understand that wireless keyless locks aren’t wireless. They still need wiring installed in the doorjambs to function properly similar to wireless intercoms and doorbells. But they all have one common ground: ease of installation (even if you’re not so mechanically inclined).

Also, you can obtain fingerprint locks that take keyless to the next level. The fingerprints of you and your household members will be copied into the lock’s memory. Once the fingerprint copy is downloaded, only individuals specified with the right fingerprints can enter your home. In fact, offices and businesses use this type of lock to safeguard client information.

To help you decide if you’re going to go keyless, we list down the top three keyless home entry kits available in the market today.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock on Amazon

The August Smart Lock is a popular choice for keyless users. Why? This keyless lock uses EverLock technology that allows you to lock the door behind you, thus bringing you ease and peace of mind. If your smartphone battery dies, is lost or stolen, you can simply log onto August’s official website and restrict access authorization on that device.



Danalock Integrated Smartlock

Danalock Integrated Smartlock on Amazon

This smart keyless lock retrofits your existing deadbolts and uses the highest level of encrypted data transfer. This device also provides users two options: you can either go keyless or with a key.



Kwikset 925

Kwikset 925 on Amazon

The Kwikset 925 Kevo is a smartphone-controlled keyless door lock that provides users with eKeys to gain entry to a home. It integrates with a Nest account to determine “temperatures” and uses multiple levels of encryption to boost your digital security.

  • Easy to install
  • Bump- and pick-proof
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Auto-calibration
  • Uses Touch-to-open technology
  • Has SmartKey Deadbolt Cylinder
  • Sends eKeys via smartphone
  • Mobile app convenience
  • One year warranty

  • Breakable lock cylinder
  • Occasional Bluetooth lagging
  • Multiple calibrating attempts to get it right
  • Vulnerable to forced entry
  • Expensive price


Some homeowners may complain about the lack of design options for keyless lock products. These products are aesthetically unobtrusive because of their minimalist appearance. Some are even characterized by their bulging and protruding exteriors. But if you note their functionality, they will do well to serve you for years.

As you can see, this article affords you ways in which you can upgrade or replace your current home security system. You may be hesitant to purchase one of these 3 home keyless entry systems because of their expensive price tags. But the prices are reasonable. We say reasonable because the best keyless door control system can trim down your costs for re-keys, and calling on security (read: security guards) and installation services. You’re guaranteed that these devices if used properly, are mechanically and digitally secured. If you want to employ your home with a gamut of security and safety features, you can scour online to find more information about the various keyless door hardware and locks.

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