10 Home Security Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Home security has advanced a lot during the past recent years. Not only the smart home technology allows many devices to emerge, but also since the needs for better home security have increased in this modern age.

With the rapid changes in the home security technology, we will need to constantly evaluate and evaluate our home security, not only regarding the devices and technologies, but also the methods and principles.

With those points being said, we will discuss the top 10 common mistakes homeowners make regarding home security, and how to easily improve them. Are you experiencing some of them? Let us take a look together.

10 Home Security Mistakes You Need to Avoid

1. Leaving Unlocked Doors and Windows

This might seems obvious, but you will be surprised how many people made this mistake. The thing is, even a one time mistake can lead to serious crime and damage, and you might also be surprised how often a robbery or breaking and entering happened because of this.

For example, during a hot summer when we usually keep some windows open, you may accidentally leave them open when you leave the house in a hurry.

The answer to this issue? The good old advice to double-check your doors and windows before leaving will always be right. However, nowadays there are smart lock devices to help you with this. You can simply use your smartphone to check your locks and control them in that case.

2. Hiding a Spare Key On The Front Porch (Or Anywhere Outside)

This is another textbook mistake done by so many of us. Guess what? Thieves and burglars are also getting smarter, and they will know all the common hiding places, probably they know even more options than you.

If you absolutely feel this is necessary, or you will need to leave the house when a housemate hasn’t been home yet, consider giving the spare key to a trusted neighbor instead.

Another solution? Again, a smart lock device will be handy in this situation, where you can simply open the lock from your smartphone, even for someone else when you are away from home.

3. Poor Outdoor Lighting Visibility

When designing a household lighting, it is a common tendency for most of us to focus on the interior while the outdoor lighting is a secondary focus.

However, it is also a known fact that burglars often target houses with a dark front or backyard, so that they can get out of your house easily and quickly after their ‘job’.

Nowadays, motion-activated floodlights are getting more affordable and will be a solution for your outdoor lighting if you absolutely need to save energy.

4. Not Secure Garage Doors

The garage is one of the most vulnerable areas of your home, mainly because most garage doors are controlled by universal remotes. Burglars have been known to easily open garages with their own modified remote, while they can also break your car windows and use the remote in your car to open it.

In addition, many garage doors also have the emergency release levers, which can easily be unlocked by decent thieves.

To protect your garage door, always keep your garage door opener in a secure place, and you can add additional security with a heavy duty padlock, or upgrade to an automated door.

5. Having Blind Spots and Hiding Spots

Tall and thick plants can be nice additions to your garden and a nice way to provide extra privacy for your household. However, thieves can also use it to their advantage as great hiding spots.
Keep the plants in your yard trimmed all the time, and use decent lighting to expose dark areas.

6. Giving Signs You Are Not at Home

Even when you are away from home, always make it seems like there is someone at home. The old trick (that still works) is to keep a few lights on while you are away, however, new technologies provide better options.

For example, smart video intercoms allow us to answer the door from anywhere. We can even have a real-time conversation with the visitor, creating the illusion that we are at home, no matter where we are

7. Keeping a Ladder Outside

This is also a common practice especially in houses with multiple stories. In addition, we also often leave our upper floor windows unchecked because we thought that they are safe.

Store your ladder in a locked place, since leaving it in your yard means giving access to your upper floors. Many burglars use this opportunity during the day, where neighbors will simply assume they are contractors working on your house.

8. Posting Vacation Plans on Social Media

Social media is obviously a useful tool for anyone, but that’s also including people with evil intentions. There are a lot of stories surrounding people announcing their vacation plans, or any plans where you will be away from home, and getting robbed.

Wait until you return on your trip before you boast on the social media. If it is an absolute necessity, do it in a private group of your inner circle just to be safe.

9. Not Making Your Security Visible Outside

Burglars will simply avoid homes with effective security, even more, when they are visible from the outside. Even a simple security sign can cast doubts for them.
If you are using security cameras, make it visible rather than hiding it. Many security camera providers also provide security signs (“protected by X brand”). So, make sure burglars know you are protected.

10. Not Upgrading Your Obsolete Security System

Many traditional security systems are reactive, rather than preventing burglaries. Simply put, traditional alarms will let you know when burglaries happen. Yet, there is actually very little to nothing you can do after that happens.

Smart security systems, on the other hand, are designed to prevent crimes. They are now equipped with motion and sound detection technology, facial recognition, and many more useful features.

Even better, they are getting more affordable than ever. So the question is, why not upgrading?

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